Korean Hand Therapy (KHT)

KHT was first discovered and developed by a South Korean acupuncturist, Dr Yoo. He believed that the hand is a representation of the whole body therefore the body can be treated by just stimulating points on the hand, in a similar way to Auricular acupuncture on the ear and reflexology using the feet. The whole body is reflected directly on the hand and therefore stimulating specific points on the hand, either with needles or with other mediums such as small magnets or press pellets, affects the body.

Korean hand therapy

KHT can be useful for patients who prefer not to undress during a treatment or for those who do not want points on the body stimulated. I often integrate KHT with a standard Acupuncture treatment and send patients home with press pellets or magnets. The patients can then benefit from the extra method of treatment at home.

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