Low cost multi‑bed acupuncture clinics are a recent and successful phenomenon in the UK ‑  Patients benefit from the reduced cost of treatment in exchange for less one-on-one time with the practitioner. 

Sharon has 2 rooms so each patient has privacy, each session is up to  an hour long and costs £30. The treatment start times are staggered so when you first arrive there will be time for discussion regarding your medical history and why you have come for treatment. Once you are comfortable and the needles are administered Sharon will then leave you to relax while she goes to the other room. Sharon is in earshot at all times so you can just call for her if you need and she will be checking in on you throughout the session. If you prefer a more one on one session then a multi-bed treatment probably would not suit you. These sessions are available on Friday afternoons at Sharon's treatment room on Cheap street, Frome.

If you would like to have a chat about low cost  multi-bed treatments just drop Sharon a text, call or e-mail and she will be happy to explain.



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