Here are a few testimonials from some of my patients. I would like say thank you to you to all those that have contributed.

Sharon was absolutely wonderful seeing my Dad who was ill with cancer. She was kind, gentle, caring and accommodating. My Dad found great comfort from his sessions with her, he was calmed by her and the treatment reduced his continuous pain to some extent. Sharon is a wonderful person who visited us in our home to treat Dad and kept in touch throughout his illness and after he had died. I couldn’t recommend her more.  Abi  C

During this Corona Lockdown, Sharon offered free online help. I cannot thank her enough for the advice she gave. It has made my lockdown with 3 boys that bit easier now my symptoms have been relieved. Thank you once again highly recommended. Kellie G

I feel privileged and graced to have enjoyed Sharon's care, time and energy to improve my life (body, mind and heart)...
A real healer.

Thank you Sharon.      Avi J

with my job I do alot of manual labour causing tightness in my back and neck and headaches, sharon is very knowledgeable and knows exactly how to sort me out. life saver would recommend 10/10 Des L

Sharon is Superwoman!!!!! She is honestly the loveliest, most friendly lady and is so professional. Sharon has been treating me frequently over the last couple years and I now class her as not only my acupuncturist but a friend.
She has always tried to help me and fit me in as soon and as quickly possible in emergency’s and over our last couple of years managed to help me overcome my daily struggle of headaches and migraines using a combination of acupuncture and massage.
This week she cracked it completely and I haven’t had a headache in over a week which I haven’t had in over 10 years!
She is amazing and I would and do recommend her to everyone and anyone I can. The fact she comes to your house is so so helpful because I get to have the acupuncture and massage in the comfort of my own home without having to find childcare. Thanks Sharon! You’re the best. Xx  Lily T

Sharon is so warm and friendly and very genuine, she really does care about her patients and helping them in any way she can. I receive massage and Acupuncture every couple of weeks and she is mobile which is awesome!! She has done wonders for my health and well-being, I recommend her to everyone. Thank you Sharon xxx  Sam K

I receive Acupuncture from Sharon, she is absolutely amazing. She always makes me feel relaxed and listened too, every single treatment I receive has the same loving and gentle touch. Even after treatment Sharon puts herself out to check on me which is so unique and lovely. I have recommended her to several people all of which continually use her because of the amazing treatment she is able to give to them.
Anything you are going through Sharon is able to talk through with you, I couldn’t recommend her enough!       Kirston R

Sharon is wonderful, friendly, kind, reassuring and supportive. I am quite a sceptic but she worked wonders on my chronic pain. I would strongly recommend her xx Bev B

I’d recommend Sharon for any acupuncture and massage needs you have! I have seen Sharon a couple of times and she approaches her work with extensive knowledge and huge compassion. You feel she is really listening and genuinely wants to help. If you’re thinking of trying acupuncture, see Sharon! Victoria .T

Brilliant massage and acupuncture treatments Sharon is very thorough and I feel great afterwards. Highly recommended. Helen. S

I honestly couldn’t recommend Sharon enough. I had acupuncture last year to prepare myself for my first round of IVF as a surrogate. It worked first time and I really believe the acupuncture helped. I also had some while pregnant to help with the nausea and that made a huge difference! She’s so friendly and supportive. She checked in on me every so often throughout the pregnancy and to see how I was after the birth. I will definitely be back for more acupuncture for my next surrogate pregnancy!  Vicky S

Sharon is an extremely intuitive & gifted therapist. I've had many sessions over the past 2 years & have benefited greatly- helping a variety of physical & mental dis- ease. Back/ shoulder/ anxiety & depression. I can't recommend her skills enough. The combination of Reiki & Acupuncture has been a real God-send. Healthy= Happy Charlie N

Thank you so much Sharon for your quick response and help getting me walking again. I would have never have thought that acupuncture would have helped so much after a sports injury. 2 days ago I twisted my knee and unable to put any weight on it but after 1 treatment I am mobile again!!! I’m very grateful to you x  Abi H

I can honestly say since finding Sharon Eggers I would never look back she has helped me with many unexplained medical issues just talking to her immediately puts me at ease and her treatments are like no one else’s. Sharon has successfully treated me with acupuncture and Reiki and I now see her regularly for a de stress massage! Sharon is a truly compassionate friendly lady. Thank you for everything.     Jemma M

By far and away the best and most effective acupuncture I have ever had. It made a huge difference to my aches and pains and Sharon is a delight to spend time with.      Marcus B

Sharon is extremely good at Acupuncture and helped me out a lot. Definitely worth a treatment from her and seeing for yourself​.          Roy S

Only had my first session so far, but can't wait to book my next one. Sharon is so friendly, knowledgeable and approachable, I couldn't have felt more relaxed if I tried! My back is feeling 100% better!  Tracy C

I would highly recommend Sharon to anyone, her professionalism and knowledge is outstanding. After suffering with neck and shoulder pain for some time due to a whiplash injury, I was introduced to Sharon. Sharon’s manor and ability to connect with not only me and my emotional pain from the event but also pinpoint the areas in my body were amazing. A pain that I once could not subside after countless treatments by various mediums was able to be pinpointed and soothed through my treatments with Sharon.  Fiona R

A marvelous and compassionate individual, who is a credit to the complementary health community. Thoroughly professional yet amicable and personable, Sharon embodies the qualities of those doctors of old who truly care for their patients. From a treatment perspective Sharon Eggers is both accurate in diagnosis and clear in treatment strategy, giving a clear explanation of all aspects of treatment and diagnosis which a lay person can understand! This is acupuncture at its best, effective, relavant and free from mystique, yet maintaining the wisdom of its ancient roots.  Rohan W

A very experienced and highly professional acupuncturist. She also gives massage during the acupuncture whilst the needles are in which I found very effective. Her needling is fast and almost completely painless. Very good listener. Sharon is very kind and thoughtful. Highly recommended.    Rohan D

I was suffering from chronic sciatica when my family arranged for Sharon to call. Sharon is an amazing, caring person, and put me totally at ease. After 6 sessions of acupuncture I was able to return to my demanding job. I am a firm believer that it was totally down to Sharon that I have be able to return to a normal life. I would 100% recommend Sharon to anyone. Thank you so much Sharon your a star!! Ruth R

I had trouble with my shoulder for a long time and was diagnosed with arthritis. I was on a lot of pain killers and had limited movement. Somebody suggested I try acupuncture , which is not something I would have ever considered but Sharon came highly recommended and to be honest, after some digestive trouble last year, I didn't want to keep taking the pain killers. After just a few sessions with Sharon my shoulder felt so much better and I had more movement. My shoulder is now completely pain free and I can't thank Sharon enough for her determination to get me back out in the garden.  Keith A

I found Sharon to be a very friendly person who put me at my ease. She really listened and showed she was interested in how my back had felt since our last session. She then tailored my treatment to those feelings. My back has really improved since I have been seeing her.  Erica F

I began seeing Sharon in April 2015 following a extremely debilitating episode of M.E or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome which had left me almost bed bound and off work for five months.  Sharon had a very calm and reassuring manner, maintaining professionalism but also being a very warm and caring person. After my first treatment Sharon kept in touch with me every few days to see how I was and how I was responding to the treatment. She was also available at any time outside of working hours if I was unwell.  This was not something you would get from many other professionals and was reassuring to have.  She did this for several weeks to ensure I was progressing steadily. Over the course of several months I made a slow but steady improvement and a large part of that was due to the treatment and care I received from Sharon.  She is a lovely, caring person and I would recommend her to anyone.      Mary F

I am writing this email as a note of appreciation for the acupuncture services you have provided to me here in New Malden. Your quite incredible knowledge, expertise, and professionalism combined with a truly caring and friendly approach have made my visits to you not only beneficial but a real pleasure also. I came to you, sceptically, for acupuncture treatment as a last resort having exhausted the standard options. I'm glad I did. I am now convinced and in no doubt that coming to see you much sooner would have been a better decision.  Your dedication to resolving the issues I presented has been never less than impressive.     Ralph G

I was rather sceptical about acupuncture ... Until I had a few sessions with Sharon! My back was so much better and I feel so good in myself!Highly recommended!       Julie D

Sharon is a very professional and also caring person. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to anyone , her acupuncture and massage skills are excellent and her caring manner helps towards a more relaxed treatment.  Hazel F

I have been seeing Sharon for treatment for best part of a year,  I have always felt comfortable and pleased with the acupuncture, I've been able to discus and understand the methods and goals of the treatment with every session.. I would not hesitate to recommend Sharon.    Paul J

I would like to say that I am thrilled with the treatment I have received  from you. Acupuncture has really helped reduce  the pain that I have had for 2 years from Plantar Fasciitis. The results have been amazing! I have found you a very professional, knowledgeable person who really understands the needs of the patient and treats the whole person.  I would recommend you as a practitioner and definitely recommend acupuncture.   Margaret M

I have known Sharon for a year now and her excellent massage has given great comfort during a time of great stress and bereavement.  She is friendly, thoughtful and extremely generous with her time and would thoroughly recommend her to anyone wishing to begin a course of massage or acupuncture.  Cynthia P

Sharon puts you at ease from the get go. Her friendly but very professional manner puts you at ease right away. I went to see Sharon for my debilitating migraines- she didn't just try to alleviate the symptoms but went to the heart of the problem. Sharon treats the mind body and soul and her treatment has reduced the severity and frequency of my migrianes.     Bhavna A

A calming and healing experience

​You may wonder if acupuncture​ can help with a problem and want a trustworthy practitioner. If so, Sharon will almost certainly be able to help. She will discuss your situation in a calm and empathetic manner and then explain in simple terms what and why she plans to do. She will answer any questions and make you feel confident of the outcome. She will also propose further treatments but only if she thinks it appropriate. My wife and I have been treated by Sharon over a two-year period and she has helped us enormously. We are both very happy to recommend her services.        Dick & Jan G

Acupuncture has helped me to cope with life's daily demands and stresses. As a result I'm so much calmer and confident and have managed to change my life around by coming out of my comfort zone. I feel so lucky to have met Sharon and I'm so grateful to her for helping me be the person I now am. Sharon is passionate about acupuncture and is always full of energy when I meet her that it brightens my day! She is extremely caring and friendly and I was able to open up to her about any personal situations that were bothering me. I felt refreshed and energised after my appointments.  Priya B

I started having acupuncture from Sharon following a difficult time in my life, including a close family bereavement. I found it very helpful in 're-balancing' me and enabling me to get back to being my 'normal' self again. Since then I have been having further treatment for a number of other things - in particular I find am sleeping much better than I have done for many years. Sharon has a very friendly and helpful manner, and she is very good at putting people at their ease - especially if, as I was, you are wary about needles. She is also very good at explaining the acupuncture process.   Paul E

Back and Neck pain no more

I have suffered from back pain for many years following a car accident. Since starting a desk job, I was finding that I also had neck and back pain on a more regular basis. I decided to try acupuncture as nothing else was working. I was a little skeptical at first, but Sharon immediately put me at ease and was able to pinpoint the cause of my discomfort.  We started on a program of every 4 weeks and eventually moved to every 6 weeks.  Sharon was always interested in treating not just the main problem, but also my general well-being. Her passion and knowledge of acupuncture is amazing and the treatments have been immensely beneficial to me. I always looked forward to my next session and will be at a loss without Sharon. Her new clients will be very lucky to have her.    Colin S

Having been in pain for a long time with various orthopedic problems I really wanted help - but no more tablets. After some research by my sister in law I made an appointment to see Sharon.
Within five minutes of meeting her (before my appointment had officially started) I felt totally at ease.
My first appointment was for 90 minutes during which I had to give a full history of all past and present illnesses, had my pulses taken in several places, and even my tongue looked at!! A full explanation was
then given by Sharon of my problems, and how she was hoping to help me. The explanations were easy to follow and anything that I was unsure of was explained again. Treatment then followed, which again was explained at every stage and throughout the time Sharon checked that I was comfortable and in no
pain. I went home feeling very tired but the relief was almost immediate. I had another treatment ten days later, and again Sharon's care, manner and professionalism was unequaled.   I can honestly say that I have never met anyone who I felt at ease with so quickly and whose care and attention was second to none. I wish her every success in her new home - my loss is definitely their gain.    Lucy P

I’ve been a Sharon’s patient for almost one year and a half. I've used acupuncture to strength my  immune system and I would recommend her and her treatments at any time. Sharon is a very professional and confident acupuncturist that tries to understand your concerns. She will listen to you and to your body very carefully and she will inform you about the treatment that is more convenient for you for one reason or another. I also tried the cupping technique and the massages and it was very effective. In terms of hygiene she follows all the necessary procedures. The needles she uses are very thin so no need to panic, you can hardly feel them and she will make you feel very comfortable.  Inma M

Had a great, professional treatment every time and left feeling relaxed and refreshed.  The room is always clean and comfortable and Sharon was more than happy to explain what she was doing and answer any questions. Would definitely recommend.     Julia M

Over 20 years ago I was involved, as a pedestrian, in a road traffic accident resulting in a number of severe breaks to my shoulder and upper arm.  Whilst this was all dealt with at the time, I was wired back together and after physio regained a large proportion of the usage of my arm, it was never going to be perfect again.  Fast forward 18 years and the pain and discomfort of knotted muscle and related nerve pain had become an everyday part of my life that I knew I needed to deal with.  I had read about acupuncture and could see it was worth a try - I can quite honestly say that it changed my life!  From the moment I met Sharon I knew she was going to be able to help; her calm, friendly and positive attitude immediately put me at my ease and over the following months she nursed my damaged arm back to health to the point that my appointments were further and further apart and an occasional treatment was all I needed to stay pain free. I would not hesitate to recommend Sharon; she has treated me, my husband - for all the aches and pains that being an on the go and busy builder bring - and my son to deal with exam stress.  We all think she is wonderful and on top of all of this, her massages are amazing!!!                        Sarah B

Sharon has helped me so much with nasty and persistent migraines. They had become frequent and difficult to manage but since starting treatment with Sharon they have almost disappeared and I feel so much better. Sharon is kind, professional, understanding and a pleasure to spend time with. Her treatments are relaxing, effective and I always looked forward to seeing her. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her.      Philippa F

 I hadn't had a good nights sleep for I don't know how long,  my stressful job kept me awake at night. But after acupuncture with Sharon I feel so much much more relaxed and I am sleeping really well. The treatments were wonderful. Thanks Sharon.           Peter E

I had been advised to have some acupuncture and am so grateful I found Sharon. Sharon has a gift for listening with compassion and empathy. Her ability to pin point (no pun intended!) the treatment needed on each occasion I have seen her has been spot on and the results have been amazing. Nothing is ever too much trouble,  she never rushes and she gives me extra time when it is needed. Thank you Sharon.        Nicola S

After just a few sessions of facial acupuncture I almost didn't recognise myself, I had to take a double look in the mirror. Even my husband noticed! I thought the needles would be painful but it was nothing like I imagined. Sharon was gentle and made me feel very comfortable. I would recommend her to anyone.       Julia B

I hadn't had acupuncture before as the thought of having needles really scared me but my headaches had become quite bad, so I though I would give it a try. I was so surprised that the needles didn't hurt at all and after a few treatments my headaches stopped. Sharon was very patient and explained everything. I'm so glad I gave it a go as I now rarely get any headaches.          Emma H

 I had been meaning to get a back massage for ages and a friend recommended Sharon. I am so glad I made the time it felt so good. Trouble is I want one every day now!          Jackie F

I would highly recommend going to see Sharon. She helped me with my back problems & her treatments are amazing! She has a wide range of knowledge which puts you at ease straight away. A very friendly & caring service. 5 stars from me!   Alex T

Having been at my wit's end with a skin condition and exhausted the 'normal' channels of medicine I was introduced to acupuncture with Sharon. Her knowledge and professionalism are second to none and her results equally as amazing. She has an wonderfully warm approach and genuinely cares about your wellbeing. Sharon puts you at ease and sessions with her are always a pleasure as her positive energy is infectious - you will feel calm but energised all at the same time! I would highly recommend Sharon to anyone who is looking to venture into acupuncture or if you are someone who has had treatments before you will instantly recognise her wonderful talent and will definitely reap the benefits.

Oh, and also ask her about facial acupuncture - truly genius, you'll look refreshed and younger in only a couple of sessions. We miss you!  Kelly S

I visited Sharon initially for Acupuncture for migraine . Also for massage to the neck. The sessions were peaceful and therapeutic . The needles did their magic while the massage to the rock hard pebbles in my back and neck were worked on. I cannot give high enough praise for Sharon's skills. I cannot remember when I last had a migraine . I had weekly visits at first which kept everything under control and then gradually spaced them out. 
I have yet to find someone locally as good now that Sharon has moved. Miss my treatments       Sue B

Having never previously received acupuncture and with a slight fear of needles I was dubious about trying facial acupuncture. However Sharon instantly put me at ease with her kind, caring, understanding manor. I was so happy with the results that I would highly recommend Sharon.  Abi H

Sharon made me feel comfortable and at ease, the massage was amazing and very relaxing. She was gentle but firm and it felt so good I was in heaven and when finished my wholebody felt rejuvenated.          Mary A

The Committee of Advertising Practice (CAP) have restrictions regarding claims for what acupuncture can treat; therefore I cannot claim to help any specific condition besides Neck pain, Back pain, Osteoarthritis of the knee and Headaches. Please note these testimonials are the words of some of my patients that I have treated successfully. If you would like to discuss if Acupuncture can help you please contact me. 

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